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About Us

We have been operating on the European market since 2009, delivering bespoke steel and aluminium solutions to the full breadth of the construction and structural industries.

We offer end-to-end execution of all projects – from concept to desired outcome.

Without a doubt, our lengthy experience, passion and constant need for development has made us the strong brand and reliable partner that we are.

Project Objectives: The aim of the project is to promote the Polish brand of the RETIS CONSTRUCTION company in the international arena while at the same time being advocates of the Polish Economy. This goal is achieved through the participation and presentation of the product offering at foreign trade shows and exhibitions with the aim of initiating export activities within the prospective market of  Ukraine. The implementation of the project will contribute to strengthening the competitive position of the Applicant among manufacturers of aluminium structures. Planned outcomes: The expected outcomes include the conclusion of foreign trade contracts, increasing revenues from export sales. The results will also be directly harnessed in the operations of the Applicant and will facilitate its growth. The value of the project is PLN 996,251.00, the contribution of European Funds amounts to PLN 656,775.00.

Telecommunications Towers

Aluminium masts

Aluminium towers

Steel masts

Steel towers


Forest watchtowers

Observation of woodlands and forests

The structures enabling observation of woodlands and forests are designed to prevent possible disasters and limit their impacts.

Ballistic Towers

Surveillance of border regions and prisons

Ballistic watchtowers are use to observe border regions and prison areas.

Tower measurement stations

Steel mast

Aluminium masts

Services and engineering


Our in-house welding centre operates in compliance with PN-EN ISO 3834-2 EXC 3 and PN-EN 1090-2 standards. All our products are CE marked. People are at the heart of our success – our accomplished, experienced and highly qualified engineers, designers, welders, and metalworkers approach each and every project individually, investigating their creative potential across the most non-standard and complex tasks, taking on the toughest challenges, and finding inspiration in just about anything.

Design Studio

We have an in-house design studio and can design and perform all the necessary construction calculations, develop a prototype in our experimental design lab, and create the product production line.


We also have an in-house non-destructive testing laboratory and our engineering concepts and thinking are supported by higher education institutions with which we remain in close cooperation.


We offer our clients a range of complementary services: assembly, disassembly, installation of lightning protection, electricity, mountaineering services. We also handling of administrative procedures: notification of construction work and obtaining a construction permit.


InterBuildExpo 2018 Kiev

RETIS Construction was an exhibitor at the international InterBuildExpo Trade Show in Kiev. This is the largest and most important exhibition and trade show event in Ukraine. It

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The BIG5 Dubai Trade Show

One of the largest construction events in the world and the most important event in the Middle East, gathering 39 companies, including RETIS Construction. Additional

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Business Cheetahs

The RETIS Construction Company was recognised by the European Institute of Business and was awarded the title of Business Cheetah 2017. This title is awarded

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Quality Assurance


Investment time and cost optimisation


Full control over the investment process


Make it happen - work with people with passion, expertise and experience!




PN-EN 1090-2 EXC3



PN-EN ISO 3834-2



Visual testing
VT1, VT2
of welded products



Penetrant testing
PT1, PT2
of welded products