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PN-EN ISO 3834-2
PN-EN 1090-2 EXC3

W650F Aluminium Towers

W650F Lattice Tower

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The latticed tower is based on a latticework expanded downwards. A structure composed of 3-metre segments is supported on a triangular spatial latticework with a side of 650mm (the size measured in axes of the bearing tubes) .
The segments are joined with flange.The structure has no rope guys.


CONSTRUCTION: triangle truss with a side 1000mm (first segment of the tower)
do 650mm (top of the tower) – the size measured in axes of the
bearing tubes
SEGMENT LENGHT/WEIGHT: 6m: ~ 32[kg] 3m: ~ 15[kg].
SEGMENT CONNECTION: flansze skręcane śrubami
MATERIAL: aluminium EN AW-6005A T6
WELDING: TIG welding

All structure fitting elements are attested/certified and comply with the
requirements included in European Council Directives and national