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PN-EN ISO 3834-2
PN-EN 1090-2 EXC3

M300 Aluminium Masts

M300 Aluminium Masts

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A structure composed of 2-metre segments is supported on a triangular spatial latticework with a side of 300mm (the size measured in axes of the bearing tubes) . The segments are joined with screw fasteners. The mast is kept upright by steel, galvanized guys mounted every 120o in clamps set on the same level. The guy tension and mast alignment are enabled by Roman screws. The mast structure is set on a double-axis articulated base that enables raising and aligning of the latticework.


CONSTRUCTION: triangle truss with a side 300mm
(the size measured in axes of the bearing tubes)
SEGMENT CONNECTION: screw pins M8x180
GUY WIRES: steel rope fi=3
MATERIAL: aluminium EN AW-6005A T6
WELDING: TIG welding


All structure fitting elements are attested/certified and comply with the requirements included in European Council Directives and national legislation.