Services and engineering

We offer our Clients support and advice at every stage of the investment process:

Site Inspection

Successful investment project completion and delivery requires thorough preparation of relevant investment assumptions, which should be preceded by a site inspection and intelligence gathering in the location of the planned investment. We also perform assessments of the condition and usability of structures and facilities (expert opinion/opinion on the condition of a structure or facility).

Design / Administrative Procedures

We have an in-house structural and civil engineering design studio and prepare design documentation and handle administrative procedures including the submission of a notification of a construction project, obtaining the construction permit, and obtaining a use permit. More 

Dismantling, and Erection and Installation of Structures

We are a group of highly skilled professionals who have the skills and equipment necessary to effectively and safely handle any dismantling, erection and installation work.

Repairs and Maintenance

We provide regular preventive maintenance and emergency repairs, which The periodic repairs and maintenance service includes:

The periodic repairs and maintenance service includes:

Throughout the investment process, our service scope also encompasses: